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Podcast A Vet: Stories, Support & Community From Leaders In The Veterinary Field

Dec 11, 2018

Dr. Tracey Jensen is a board certified canine and feline practitioner, certified acupuncturist, practice owner, past president of the AAHA and president-elect of the ABVP. Suffice to say, Tracey has an impressive resume, and her impressive communication skills and attention to listening make her all the more a wonderful guest on today's episode.

Transitioning from being a single doctor hospital to the AAHA Veterinary Hospital of the year in 2012, Tracey knows what she's talking about when it comes to building your own practice and working hard to play hard.

Tracey looks to live life from the inside out instead of the outside in, and advocates for experiencing excellence as a journey, not a destination. Everything from what its like to run with the AAHA crowd, to tips for those who want to become their own practice owners, Tracey is a wealth of knowledge and an inspiring example of confidence in the veterinary world.

Learn everything from what skills you need to become Practice Of The Year, to finding multiple avenues to setting and achieving high standards for yourself, and the ability to recognize when its time to leave your practice in capable hands and move on to other pursuits. Tracey is driven to constantly better herself because of the people she serves and is an excellent example for any veterinary professional.

Do you relate to Tracey’s passion for seeking new adventures while seeking ownership as a veterinarian? Let us know in the comments section!


In This Episode

  • Burnout, compassion fatigue, and tools to overcome them
  • Understanding empathy, how to express it and use it on a daily basis
  • How your peers and teachers can be instrumental to the veterinarian you become
  • Finding your inherent strengths and exploring your potential
  • Setting a culture that puts the client relationship first and nurtures success



“I think that in spending so much time in my head thinking about what I needed to do with their pet, I lost the fact that there was a person on the end of the leash with their own perspectives, their own history, knowledge base, their way of learning. I didn’t take the moment to listen and actually get to know that client and how to work with them.” (7:21)

“Instead of assuming the worst of people, try to understand where they are coming from and assume the best.” (9:31)

“You can live your life from the outside in, ‘oh my gosh all of this is happening’, or you can live your life from the inside out, ‘what am I going to do with this? What am I in control of?’” (27:47)

“Just like AAHA exists to help support practices that are always striving for excellence in patient, team and client care, ABVP recognizes and certifies veterinarians who practice and are always trying to practice, at the highest level possible in general practice." (37:27)

“I was drawn to this profession, I thought because I wanted to do research. But where my path has taken me is that its actually because of love for people and animals. And I see that in all of my veterinary colleagues, my support staff of veterinarians.” (46:00)



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